Ecofeminism as working class politics

Ecosocialism needs to be feminist. But how can we achieve this and what does this mean to the question of who will be the agents of the revolution we need?

To change in a way that truly liberates us from capitalist exploitation and oppression, we need to revolutionize our understanding and relationship with labour in our society. In this session, we will discuss who is currently doing the work required to fulfil our needs related to subsistence and care, and how this reproductive class relates to the more traditional sense of working class.

Then, we will talk about how the ecofeminists can organize towards the ecosocialist revolution: what works and what doesn’t? What else should we try?

Join us in thinking about an ecofeminist working class, one that can truly encompass the marginalized majority of labour on earth, and which gives priority to the kind of work needed to resist and survive in a burning world and to build a different society centered on life and care.

Answering: Who? How?

Organized by: Anticapitalistas, Climáximo, ODG, Ecologistas en Acción

Special guests: Alice Gato, Inês Teles, Joana Bregolat, Sara Bourehiyi