Call for the VI International Ecosocialist Encounter

The planetary limits and the need to act quickly and assertively invite us to build, today
more than ever, an alternative to capitalism. The current model of production, distribution
and consumption has gone beyond ecological equilibrium, making the continuity of human
life on Earth unsustainable in the medium term. The construction of another world is
therefore necessary and urgent.

The scenario of socio-ecological collapse is daunting, but it is clear that dismantling this
system and this way of living in the world is inevitable. Building these other possible worlds –
with climate, ecological and social justice – is a task that summons and mobilizes us as we
see anti-systemic struggles unfolding all over the world. Workers, youth, women and
dissidents, indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants, peasants, scientists and groups organized
in particular territories – that is, the working class in its plurality – are resisting and struggling
to change everything. They denounce the obscene accumulation of capital and the
maintenance of the privileges of a minority that appropriates and destroys our common

To accept to barely survive is not an option. We have the tools and the willingness to build
an alternative to the hegemonic forms of today’s capitalism – neoliberal, colonial,
extractivist, racist and patriarchal – in order to achieve harmony with the nature of which we
are a part and in order to enjoy life fully and with dignity.

Therefore, we call for the 6th International Ecosocialist Encounter. This is the first to be held
in Latin America and the Caribbean (Abya Yala), and follows the line of previous Encounters
held in Europe, seeking to nourish the debates from the accumulation of previous
achievements. We propose to move from denunciations and defensive struggles to initiate
the construction of a global strategy to confront the structural causes generated by capitalist
commodification and pillaging, and to advance towards a model of society that is not
governed by the profits of corporations and other interest groups, but rather in terms of
social needs in balance with nature and with an eco-feminist perspective.

The Encounter will include panels, workshops and plenaries to us to walk collectively the
path towards an agenda and a program of fight for Ecosocialism. Likewise, we call for
self-managed Ecosocialist Pre-Gatherings during the months prior to the Encounter, in the
territories (countries, cities, sub-regions, etc.) where there is the initiative and local capacity
to organize them.

We – activists from the indigenous people and from different ecosocial movements; activists
and coordinators from grassroots groups and assemblies; trade unionists; militants of
political organizations; and intellectuals from all over the world committed with climate and
social justice – invite you to join the debate and the construction of the Encounter.

Let’s build together this urgent and necessary alternative!
See you in Buenos Aires!