Youth movement: radical and ecosocialist

In this session we will talk about the youth movement and the political scenario after the climate mobilizations that took place all over the world. We want to talk about what to do with the outrageous insignificant institutional response that the youth climate mobilizations of 2019 received; and we want to understand how the organizers feel about this.

We also aim to understand how to overcome the political frustrations in order to create ecosocialist demands.In this interactive session, we want to discover tools to make ecosocialist demands the framework of the climate struggle.

Answering: Who?

Organized by: Bloco de Esquerda, Greve Climática Estudantil and Kibengo Youth Care Activists

Special guests: Andreia Galvão, Ayisha Siddiqa, Bianca Castro, Dana, Gil Janer, Mourana Monteiro, Laura Muñoz