We are the majority building an intersectional global movement

We know that to build the biggest social movement in contemporary history we need everyone. The aim of this session is to come to some conclusions as to why inclusivity of different communities such as communities from the Global South, BIPOC, … is not only important, but crucial to a real ecosocialist climate struggle. The goal of this session is to listen to concrete activist experiences and to ask the question of how we can create bridges that outlive the capitalist system. In this interactive session we will look into the tools for building trust, networking and decolonizing our activism transparently.

Responding: Who? How?

Organized by: Bloco de Esquerda, XR Gambia and XR Uganda

Special guests: Alhassan Sasey, Andreia Galvão, Ayisha Siddiqa, Josh, Marcelo Rocha, Mduduzi Shabalala, Pascal
Mirundi, Samuel Odhiambo, Stephanie Toledo