System change: How do we get there?

We want to build ecosocialism. We want to build ecosocialism during our lifetime, because otherwise capitalism is pushing us to runaway climate crisis. So, how do we do it?

Some of us use the tools of the system, like courts, elections and other tools to put pressure on decision-making structures. Some of us ignore the system and build alternatives outside or at the margins of it, with experiments on self-management, intentional communities and alternative ways of producing. Some of us are directly confronting the system as a whole, aiming at a ruptural path. And all of us spend a lot of time telling to the others why our transformative strategy is the right one.

This interactive session aims at recognizing how strategies other than ours can be beneficial to our strategy while still acknowledging their risks and limits.

Answering: How?

Organized by: Climáximo and ULEX Project

Special guests: Alexandre Castro, G, João Camargo, Sara Conchita