Footsteps for Women & Children (Cameroon)

Footsteps for Women and Children-Cameroon (FOWEC-CAM) is a nonprofit making organization based in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. As a Human Rights organization, FOWEC-CAM operates under three thematic areas including but not limited to promoting and advancing the rights and welfare of women and children within and beyond the Southwest Region of Cameroon, ensures access to quality and inclusive education for vulnerable children and young girl’s aged 4-18 years and also improving women and young girls access to sustainable livelihoods through economic empowerment and capacity building programs that are geared towards advancing their rights to economic justice and at the same time protects the environment for the younger generations to come.

We are committed towards building community resilience as well as ending all forms of violence and discrimination against women and children through quality education, information sharing and livelihood empowerment for poverty alleviation. Created in 2016 and registered in 2017, FOWEC-CAM focuses on three main thematic areas which include human rights promotion and protection of women and children’s rights. Under the department of human rights, the following sub activities are carried out.

  • Community sensitization program on the respect and promotion of human rights. (particular focus on women and children’s rights as a vulnerable group)
  • Facilitating access to justice for female and minor inmates
  • Facilitate access to Civil Status Documentation for Women and Children
  • Run Child Friendly Space Programs. (Child Protection)
  • Ending GBV through community sensitization and awareness raising campaigns
  • Human rights monitoring, documenting and reporting on rights abuses