Finding our way through a sea of tactics

“System change, not climate change” is not a request we make to the current institutions. It is our responsibility to make it happen. To achieve this requires that we be coordinated globally and regionally, that we define strategies and act together, and create spaces where we can build peoples’ power and grow the movement. The Glasgow Agreement, a space for strategy and coordination for the climate justice movement, is currently experimenting with different tactics on how we can change the system.

In this session we will dive into different tactics of global actions used around the world – from caravans to global civil disobedience action weeks. We will analyse together what impact can they achieve in society and inside the movement, at local level and global level. We will also debate what can be the right and wrong context to use each of them. We aim to come together with answers for: I) in what different ways can we create coordinated disruption; ii) for each different situation, what tactics could be the most impactful.

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Answering: How?

Organized by: Climáximo and MOCICC Peru

Special guests: António Zambrano, Mariana Rodrigues