Special guests

Alexandre Castro, was born in 1984 in Sassoeiros, so near the capital and yet far enough away for a daily contact with animals in his family’s backyard.

In the early 90’s he discovers computers, first using cassettes, then floppy disks, and shortly after a small cable that connected these computers to the world. He spent a few years trying to figure out how all these things work. In 2001 he founded punkPT with Hugo, the “devil”, a platform that gathers news and concert information for the punk community in Portugal. He graduated as a Multimedia Designer at Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha where he would later teach for two years. During his university days he founded with Edgar Filipe and Gustavo Maia, the communication studio Tunalightzone, where he acquired practical experience in teamwork and business relations. Around 2009 he joined the design studio Barbara Says where he develops design and web programming for the cultural sector. Simultaneously he also manages a makerspace in Caldas da Rainha.

He joined the Cooperativa Integral Minga in 2016 where he created the fimdomeio communication studio dedicated to building web platforms for cultural and social projects. The process of creating his own job and participating in the cooperative structure led to a process that culminated in his definitive move to Montemor-o-Novo in January 2020.

He is president of the Cooperativa Integral Minga since January 2022. He is a very amateur carpenter in his spare time.

Alhassan Sesay is a youth mobilizer, organizer and an inspirator. He is the Founder and President of The Sierra Leone School Green Club (SLSGC) which was founded in 2015, an environmental, educational and agricultural organization that works with schools and communities. We’ve established up to 10 environmental school clubs in the Western Rural District of Sierra Leone.  

Though an amputee using prosthesis, he has been part of many youth exchanges and volunteering programs ranging from national to international (YALI Fellowship Ghana Cohort 4), Africa Change Makers Fellowship 2018 (Cohort 1). Focal Point for Citizen Climate Lobby (CCL-Africa) in Sierra Leone. A member of Climate Reality Project (2020), member of Resillent40 an open society made of youth who are engaged in climate activities, our value comes from having a broad range of expertise and from different African countries creating a platform of youth inclusive participation across Africa and world. 

Alice Gato is a climate justice activist. She’s been in Climáximo since 2018. She’s also an activist from Friday’s for Future Portugal since it began in 2019, being actively involved in the organization of the several school strikes for climate. 

Alice is 19 years old, lives in Lisbon, and is finishing her degree in Political Sciences and International Relationships.

She’s interested in the ecofeminist path to achieve Ecosocialism. 

Andreia Galvão is a portuguese (cape-verdean descent) climate activist. She has been a member of Greve Climática Estudantil (Friday’s for Future Portugal) since 2019. She has helped organize multiple strikes focusing in bringing the issue of climate justice into the political agenda. She has spoken at several events such as “Circuito Urbano” from ONU Habitat, the seminar “Student’s resistance to dictatorship” at ISCTE university. She has also published articles regarding the issues encompassing climate justice. Andreia has been envolved in artistic work as a form of social commentary. Is currently working as an actress in the play “Amores de Leste” that premiered in Leipzig, Germany.
She is also a member of Bloco de Esquerda. Is currently studying Science of Communication in Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Antonio Zambrano Allende: Peruvian political scientist, activist, environmentalist and founding member of Movimiento Ciudadano frente al Cambio Climático – MOCICC (Peru-2009) where he has been national coordinator in two periods (2015-2017 and 20192021). Master in Territorial Development in Latin America and the Caribbean by UNESP (Brazil) and specialist in energy issues in Peru, where he has been dedicated to mobilising citizens towards a popular energy transition process. He is part of the Working Group on Energy and Sustainable Development of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences, CLACSO.

Ayisha Siddiqa is a Pakistani-American environmentalist, and the Co-founder of Polluters Out and Fossil Free University. Her work focuses on uplifting the rights of marginalized communities while holding polluting companies accountable at the international level. She has helped organize multiple school strikes for climate in New York City including the Sept 20th 2019 strike which garnered over 350,000 participants. She has spoken at various universities, including Claremont McKenna, Columbia University and Parsons School of Design, and and the Cooper Union on topics encompassing climate justice.

Bianca Castro is a climate justice activist based in Lisbon, Portugal. She organizes in Fridays For Future both nationally and internationally, and is also part of Climáximo. Alongside activism, she is an actress and Physics undergraduate.

Blanca Bayas Fernández is a researcher at the Debt Observatory in Globalization and an ecofeminist activist. She participates in the Ecofeminist Action movement. Her work focuses on advocating for public services, the commons and alternatives from ecofeminisms and feminist economies. She has written several papers on these issues, such as her recent publication “Ecofeminist proposals for reimagining the city. Public and community paths”. She holds a degree in Political Science and Administration, a diploma in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Social Policies and Community Mediation. She lives in Barcelona.

Dana Oyarzabal is 20 years old and she’s an environmental activist in the Argentine youth organization “Jóvenes por el Clima Argentina”, in Cordoba’s province, since 2019. Currently, Dana is also a student of the Degree in Political Science at the National University of Córdoba. She believes that a committed and collective environmental activism among young people will be part of the way out of the climate crisis that we are experiencing. That’s why she became an environmental activist in Fridays For Future Argentina, more precisely in Córdoba.

Daniel Chavez is a Uruguayan-Dutch activist-scholar. His research interests are focused on in emancipatory politics and public policy. He joined the Transnational Institute (TNI) in 2001 as Coordinator of the Energy Project, looking at democratic and participatory alternatives to privatisation in the Global South. He currently coordinates the TNI New Politics Lab. Before moving to Europe he was a popular educator and researcher for the United Federation of Mutual-Aid Housing Cooperatives (FUCVAM, Uruguay’s main urban social movement). He has authored and co-edited a number of books, including most recently Public Water and Covid-19: Dark Clouds and Silver Linings. He holds a PhD in Development Studies from Erasmus University’s International Institute of Social Studies (ISS, The Hague).

Dany Marie is a trade union and environmental activist in Mauritius, and a project organiser at the Centre for Alternative Research and Studies.

Elijah Dero is the XR Uganda National Coordinator and the coordinator of XR Great Lakes Region Movement. He attained a bachelor’s degree of Arts with education in 2019 (with Geography as a major), which influenced him to develop a fortunate addiction to environmental science. He is a professional geography teacher with 6 years of teaching experience. However, he found passion in fighting for climate justice and has spent one and a half years volunteering under Extinction Rebellion Movement, international ecosocialist encounters and Glasgow agreement. In September 2021 he launched a campaign “Help me have safe clean water”, which is aimed at giving a chance to rural communities to have access to safe water in Uganda.

Endika Perez Gomez (1988). Member of LAB union, based in Basque Country. Secretary of the area of social action, has been working on ecosocialism in and from the union.

G has been involved in social movement organising and education since the late 1980’s. He is a highly regarded trainer and has designed numerous training programmes covering areas such as psychosocial resilience in activism, the ecology of social movements, and leaderful organising. As a founding member of the Ulex Project, he is known for highly innovative work blending pedagogical methodologies. This holistic approach to activist learning has inspired numerous training initiatives across Europe. He currently steers the strategic development of the Ulex Project and its social movement capacity building programme.


Gil Hortal is a 20 years old social and environmental activist from Barcelona who is currently studying a double degree in Law and Politics. He has been involved in multiple platforms fighting for social and climate justice, specially Fridays for Future Barcelona. He also volunteers in an association of leisure education, working with other people of his age to build social change through alternative pedagogy.

Inês Teles is a 32 year old Portuguese climate justice activist, based in Lisbon. She’s a member of Climáximo and has participated actively in the ATERRA campaign. In the past, she has studied Communication Sciences, Aesthetics and Artistic Studies and Documentary Filmmaking.

She’s passionate about design, film and photography and she’s interested in feminist solutions for building an ecossocialist future.

Iñigo Antepara is member of the the advisory board of the trade union ESK sindikatua in the Basque Country. Facilitator for the pro-transition group of ESK delegates. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), main research work around energy poverty. Actively involved in environmental groups, migrant support groups and groups denouncing the housing situation.

Iratxe Delgado Arribas (1994).Studied Environmental Engineering. Now member of LAB union, based in Basque Country, working in the area of social action.

Joana Bregolat. Catalan researcher and ecofeminist activist member of Fridays for Future Barcelona, Acció Ecofeminista & ODG. Militant of Anticapitalistas. Graduate in Political Science and specialized in feminist theory and culture in the MA in Women, Gender and Citizenship. She has written articles and documents on different issues, such as climate youth movements, ecofeminist political economy, among others; co-author of: «Como si hubiera un mañana. Ensayos para una transición ecosocialista» (Sylone-Viento Sur, 2020) & «Ecofeminist proposals for reimagining the city. Public and community path» (ODG, 2021); and author of the recent policy paper: «Green Deals: Where is global justice?» (ODG, 2021).

João Camargo has been a political militant for over a decade. He was involved in precarious workers organization and the international anti-austerity movement in the early 2010’s. He has been in Climaximo since it’s foundation in 2015 and has had an active role in climate jobs, international articulation of the climate justice movement and direct action. He’s an environmental engineer and holds a PhD in climate change. He’s authored books on climate justice and forestry and believes only revolution can at this moment stop climate collapse.

Jonathan Neale is a climate activist in Britain and the author of Fight the Fire: Green New Deals and Global Climate Jobs. 

Josh Wakula is a passionate environmental activist and currently the coordinator for XR Uganda Base. Among the key roles is to ensure effective mobilization of individuals and communities in HIS jurisdiction against climate change and advocate for environment conservation.

Josua Mata is general secretary of the trade union center SENTRO in the Phillipines.

Katie Gallogly Swan is the Policy Coordinator for the work between the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and Boston University Global Development Policy Center on supporting a green and just transition of the world economy.

Prior to joining the team, Katie worked at Oxfam and ActionAid as well as a range of grassroots organizations in Scotland focusing on economic, climate and gender justice. She is a Commissioner on the Scottish Government’s Just Transition Commission, Convenor of the Scottish Women’s Budget Group and sits on the Programme Advisory Group for the MSc in Climate Justice at Caledonian University. Katie holds a BA in Social Anthropology from Harvard University, where she won the Hoopes Prize for exceptional research, and a Master’s in Development Studies from the SOAS University of London, where she won the Development Studies Postgraduate Prize.

Laura Verónica Muñoz is a Colombian ecofeminist climate activist and audiovisual communicator. She has been involved in the process of building the Colombian and Latin American climate message towards international conversations. She’s part of Fridays For Future, Pacto X El Clima, and Unite For Climate Action, and works in Grow Ahead supporting community-led agroforestry projects. She believes that to achieve climate justice it’s needed to create safe spaces where diversity is the foundation and decoloniality is the path we tread. Nowadays, she’s studying Education, Gender and International Development MA.

Leonor Canadas is a Portuguese Climate Justice activist, part of Climáximo. She is an Agronomic Engineer, currently finishing her master in Organic Agriculture in Tropical and Subtropical Regions, in the University of BOKU in Vienna, and focusing on Climate Change impacts on farming and agricultural adaptation and mitigation strategies. She was one of the authors of the last report of the Climate Jobs Campaign in Portugal, launched in March 2021.

Marcelo Rocha, 24 years old, born in Mauá, metropolitan region of São Paulo. Founder and Executive Director of the AYIKA Institute, Board Member of Greenpeace Brazil. Education, negritude and climate change activist on Fridays For Future Brazil.

Mariana Rodrigues is an activist of Climáximo, a grassroots climate justice collective in Portugal, since 2019. She is an organizer and have been active in direct actions and international networks for climate justice.

Mariana is 26 years old, lives in Lisbon, and studied applied mathematics, computation and data management.

Mduduzi Edison Tshabalala is born and bread in Sebokeng, Vaal, south of Gauteng province in South Africa.

Mduduzi is a founding member of Botle Ba Tlhaho Environmental Group, doing horticulture and permaculture practice. Mduduzi is also a leading member of XR Vaal campaigning for environmental justice.

Mourana Monteiro is a 25-year-old activist from Palmela (Setúbal). She is a scout at AEP since she was 5 years old and association leader doing non-formal education with children and teenagers since she was 17. She is an AEP representative at the Youth City Council of Palmela (CMJP) and a CMJP representative in the Education City Council of Palmela. At the University of Algarve, Mourana has been a member of the Psychology Students Association, student representative at the Pedagogic Council of FCHS, and Chairwoman of the board of the Magna Assembly of the AAUAlg. She holds a Degree in Psychology (FCHS-UAlg), a Postgraduation in Neurosciences (FM-UL) and she is finishing her Master’s in Cognitive Neurosciences and Neuropsychology.

Mourana is an Intersectional Activist fousing on Youth Participation and Student Militancy, Climate Justice, Feminism, Antifascism and Mental Health.

She is also part of the collectives Student Climate Strike, Rede 8 Março, and Student Brigade, and she is currently collaborating with Ecopsi.

Nancy Lindisfarne is a feminist and climate activist who for many years taught social anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. 

Nessim Achouche is a project coordinator at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Brussels working on a variety of topics linking climate and social justice in Europe.

Öner Öztürk is a member of the Ecology Assembly in Batman (Northern Kurdistan / Turkey) as well as the umbrella organization Mesopotamia Ecology Movement. He has been involved in the local ecology movement in Bakur (Northern Kurdistan) until recently and currently lives in Finland.

Pascal Mirindi, from the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC), Eastern region, more precisely in Goma. 22 years old.

Having an interest for the environment, he developed with colleagues from the University of Goma the local “Extinction rebellion” group. They want to demand from political leaders good policies that protect the ecosystems, but also mobilize the population for the importance of protecting our ecosystems and avoid the 6th mass extinction.

Among the great battles of Pascal is included the protection of the Natural Parks/Protected Areas of the RDC. Presently he fights for an end to the exploration of oil which takes place at the Virunga National Park, greatly desired by several Western companies. In cooperation with the communities around the Park, the goal is to demand a democratic management of the Virunga National Park so the communities can benefit from it.

For him, we cannot aim to protect the environment if the communities are not included in the process, since without environment humanity would not exist, and without humanity this environment would not make sense.

Precious Kalombwana is a trained climate reality leader by former USA vice president AL Gore, national coordinator for FFF Lusaka Zambia, National coordinator for XR Zambia and founder for citizens network for community development Zambia. Precious is most notable for her climate activism. Together we can pave way for a thriving Greener future.

Rima Majed is a feminist and socialist activist in Lebanon, and teaches sociology at the American University of Beirut.

Sam Mason is a Policy Officer at the Public and Commercial Service trade union in the UK covering sustainability and climate change.  She represents the union at national and international level on this agenda including within the Trade Unions for Energy Democracy initiative. She was a trade union representative within the UK trade union COP26 coalition and is a lead organiser of the COP trade union caucus helping to build mobilisation and organising across the labour movement around climate justice.

Samuel Odhiambo (Sam) is a certified Nonviolent Communication trainer and mediator from Kenya. He coordinates Mukuru peace clubs; a forum that supports youths contribute to social change in the 2nd largest slum in Nairobi Kenya. He is passionate about shifting from power over structures to power with systems.

Sinan Eden is an activist of Climáximo, a grassroots climate justice collective in Portugal. He is 35 years old, originally from Izmir, Turkey and holds a PhD in mathematics. He is a climate activist since 2007 when he launched an ecologist group in his university in Istanbul, later migrated to Portugal where he participated in the creation of Climáximo in 2015. He is an organizer, facilitator and an organizer’s trainer. He is active in campaigns on just transition and against fossil fuel projects, as well as in international networks for climate justice.


Shamim Wasii Nyanda is a Climate educationist, Green Warrior, humanitarian, environmental guardian and activist. Mother Nature is her home and she got the sense of belonging and attachment towards her. She believes in restoration and not extinction. Mount Kilimanjaro’s Fragile Beauty is her source of inspiration towards Environmental conservation.

Stefania Barca is an environmental historian who investigates the labour/ecology nexus in industrial capitalism from the perspective of materialist ecofeminism and degrowth. She has published a number of articles in academic and activist platforms, including the journal Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, and her writings have been translated and disseminated in various languages. Her latest book, Forces of Reproduction. Notes for a Counterhegemonic Anthropocene was published by Cambridge University Press in 2020. Orignally from Italy, she has worked and lived in the US, Portugal, and Sweden, and is now based in Spain as Distinguished Researcher at the University of Santiago de Compostela. She is a promoter of the Care Income campaign. Her next book, Workers of the Earth. Labour and reproduction in the age of climate change, is forthcoming from Pluto Press.

Stephanie Toledo environmental educator, activist of Anticapitalistas Canarias and ecosocial activist. She is currently a student of Political Science at the UNED. She is working to promote new environmental education programmes with the ecosocialist struggle because all environmental problems are interconnected. Looking for answers from an ecosocial vision that breaks with the capitalist system in which we live. 

Tabitha Spence is active in a wide variety of working class and environmental struggles in Pakistan.